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the complete last week i was on the EKON11 conference in frankfurt / mörfelden. it was again a great conference with cool stuff. also a lot of cool sessions and seeing again friends. the bad news at the beginning: david i was ill. david i wish you all the best! But Nick Hodges and Jason Vokes have absolut opend davids keynote great. we heard a lot of cool new products from the codegear group. my absolut favorite stuff is gthe new blackfish server. a complete database deployed in pure manged code (java and .net framework). steve shaughnessy and his team (Jens Ole.. ) have done the last years a perfect job!

This was the reason whsy added to the conference a pure blackfish session to show the people how to use and to develop for blackfish.

Nick Hodges have done some really funny sessions about the codegear product line. Many jokes (including in the evenin by dinner (small bear 🙂 )). Also many excellent speakers was found at the ekon like marco cantu, thomas pfister, daniel wischnewski and jeroen pluimers. Sorry if i missed somebody. But for me the best session of Ekon was the session from Max Kleiner about Cryptography. Max THANK YOU!! If you have a chance to hear from max a session, try it.

I talked about:

  • What’s to know about Vista for Delphi Developers
  • Writing and running Win32 and .Net Assemblies in InterBase 2007
  • DBX4 Overview; What’s new?
  • Learn Swimming with Blackfish

Also i like to say thank you for the S&S Team for organization of the EKON and last but not least to my family for missing me 1 week.


September 29, 2007 - Posted by | Embarcadero (CodeGear) stuff

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