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Long trip to Scotts Valley

Yesterday i startet my trip to Scotts Valley (CodeGear Meeting). A lot of guys around the world will have a big meeting about technical and sales. Meeting the different teams of products will bring up new technical informations.

But the best part of my long trip (complete over 20 hours) was a reboot in the plane. Ok not the plane overall only in the multemedia software.

i have the luck to upgrade my ticket with my miles to business class on the trip from Frankfurt to Los Angeles. So everybody here have a personal screen. During the flight the Multimedia System crashed and for the technical guys, like me, was showing the complete boot sequence on the personal screens.

In my area some technical guyes was present and we have a lot of fun to see the Multimedia System in Lufthansa works with embedded Windows CE Operatingsystem. The reboot was still 10 Minutes running.

Here some pictures of all:

The Boing 747-400

The Boing 747-400
Reboot Multimedia System

MultiMedia Reboot 1MultiMedia Reboot 2MultiMedia Reboot 3MultiMedia Reboot 4MultiMedia Reboot 5MultiMedia Reboot 6MultiMedia Reboot 7

Greenland from sky 

Greenlandgreenland 2greenland 3greenland 4

Some Snow in US

Grand Canyon 2Grand Canyon 1

Today we have a free day ( 🙂 ) so i can do some shopping on Sunday ( welcome to US ).



October 7, 2007 - Posted by | Embarcadero (CodeGear) stuff

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  1. Moin Dany – bei diesen Bildern von Grönland bekommt man richtig Fernweh. Muss gleich mal vom Office aus auf die LH-Seite gehen und schauen, was die so an Fernreisen abieten…

    Grüße aus dem Norden,

    Comment by Daniel Wolf | October 8, 2007 | Reply

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