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After one Day (and one Night) i have a lot of feedback from friends, employees and customers about the Embarcadero Deal buying CodeGear. First the most are absolut happy about the change. A lot of Customers are feel the new chance about future of the Tools. But some also are hoping all the “normal” customers who a reading only some tickers, can read between the lines that is a good next step and are not thinking: “Ok that’s the end of all”. I can only hope Embarcadero will spend some money in the national marketing teams to communicate to the customers why this step also helps the Developers (some ideas in my last blog).

I was phoning and chatting with a lot of friends around the world and all are extreme happy about it. So the first feeling in the community is not frustating. It is let’s grow up the speed on the highway (and i know as a german driver: driving a car with no speedlimit on the highway 🙂 )

I am very happy a lot of employees from CodeGear also feel positive about the deal. A positive feeling from this guys can help to develope more euphoric on the products again. And we as users from this tools can use this euphoric again in our products.

It is important for all Partners and Develepors to announce why we use Delphi, JBuilder, Interbase, Blackfish, Delphi PHP, Ruby…  because we trust in this great Products, we trust in the Team and we trust (like before) in this big, fantastic and perfect Community.

If i look for example in all the forums arround the world (like my favourite German Language Forum DelphiPraxis) i can see everytime so many developers use the products and are happy about it to work with it.


Daniel Magin


May 8, 2008 Posted by | Embarcadero (CodeGear) stuff | 1 Comment


Today on my trip from Hamburg home to Frankfurt (Germany) by Car i get the message about the deal. First i used the time (4.5 hours) to think about this situation. After analysing i decided YES a good deal. First for Embarcadero it is cheap buy. This comapny get great tools Dephi, Jbuilder, a bundle of excellent Databases (InterBase and Blackfish) and all the other stuff. On the other side we as Developers come back to a Developer orientated Company for Developers. Everybody knows the last year situation about the Developer Tools. After all the changes from Borland to go more to the ALM stuff we feel a long time a little bit in the last corner of this company strategy (this is my personal opinion).

Now we have the good new Chance. Embarcadero can use this situation to bring back more the great Developer Tools back to the top. All the last year discussion about other Developing Systems the most Developers forget something: The most important point for all Developers are to use and transform “old” sources in new versions. If you look like MS from VB to VB.net for example there is one cool tool to reuse the source and it is called FDISK. Delphi for example have a big history and you can bring over “old” Projects evrytime to the newest version. Same for example in JBuilder and also for the Database Products like Interbase, make a Backup  and restore on the newest version on any plattform where ever (incl. Mac).

Me as Developer and CodeGear Partner also bring more Tools in my life from Embarcadero also like ERDesginer, RapidSQL, Performance Monitor and a lot of more (see here in this LINK ) merge great Developer Tools in one Company.  

This new Situation bring us good new chances:

  1. Now we are a pure Developer Company again
  2. Combination with the Developers Tools from Ebarcadero
  3. Embarcadero is not a pure share holder company and everytime not looking to bring money to the shareholders and perhaps more think about investment
  4. New Customers
  5. New Developers
  6. New Friends
  7. a real Developer Conference in US again ( 🙂 )
  8. and hopefully for the “CodeGear” Employee a more relaxed time to work for us Developers

Sum of all:


I hope the Team from Embarcadero know about us. We are a big Community. We have wait a long time for this situation. So use us and work with us. The life can be so easy and simple. Developing can be so easy and simple. Let’s rock!


Daniel Magin

May 7, 2008 Posted by | Embarcadero (CodeGear) stuff | 5 Comments

BDE ReplacementDay

Last week i have done with customers the BDE ReplacementDay. It was a big sucess. Many poeple are still working with the BDE to diffrent Databases. We have Developers who connect over the BDE to paradox, Access, InterBase, MSSQL, DB2 and Oracle. We have managed to transport the Data from the FlatFile DataBases to Interbase and change the connect with the FibPlus Components, cause with the easy autocommit technic it was a simple system to replace the BDE. For the other DataBases DB2,Oracel, MSSQL we discussed diffrent techniques like DBXpress, ADO and other 3rd Party Tools like CoreLab.

Intresting was after 1 day introduction 2 more Days all Customers works together on his own projects. So it was a realistic situation to see what kind of changes are need to do and in the group we have discussed diffrent ways to get the solution for the hurdles in the source. For all i think it was a big success, cause it shows everybody have a chance to transform the delphi application away from the BDE. No question the BDE was a great architecture, but no support anymore for the BDE the developer have to change the access level to the DB. This step is not a big deal only a work step by step to change the application.

Intresting was also some people have changed the layer to the new DBX Framework. Benefits like Pooling and other cool stuff was showing the Developers it is not simple but also not hard to change to a cached system. DBX was showing in this Day’s how simple and compact it is and on the other Hand it brings a big chance also to the .net world. Not many people know, all the DBX Custom layer is one sourcecode to both frameworks (win32 and .net).

After this big success we will repeat this Day’s in the south of germany next. I will announce the date in this blog also and on the company web page i work for (better office).

Some Pictures can be found here: LINK


Daniel Magin

May 6, 2008 Posted by | Embarcadero (CodeGear) stuff | 2 Comments

ECO Updates

CapableObjects have released a new Version for the ECO Stuff in Delphi.
After Starting your RadStudio 2007 you get the message a new ECO Update is in the net.

The Download is possible at: http://www.capableobjects.com/Downloads_Updates.aspx

*UPDATE: only for the Architect Version *


Daniel Magin

May 6, 2008 Posted by | Embarcadero (CodeGear) stuff | 2 Comments

DBXPooling and Broken Connections

Hi all,

if you use the DBXPooling ehancement in your Delphi 2007 and DBX and your connection to the server is broken, the broken connection goes back in the pool and you get back sometimes this broken connection. So i have changes some lines in the DBXPool.pas (..\program files\codegear\rad studio\5.0\source\database\src\pas\dbx\driver\). In the ReleaseConnection method of the TBXPool class i check to start a transaction and commit it. if it not works something is wrong with the connection and i give this connection not back to pooling container. The Pool is now creating a new connection for you.
Here are the small changes:

procedure TDBXPool.ReleaseConnection(Connection: TDBXConnection);
  MyTrans: TDBXTransaction;

     Mytrans:= Connection.BeginTransaction(0);
       FAvailableConnectionArray[FAvailableConnections] := Connection;


regards Daniel Magin

May 5, 2008 Posted by | Embarcadero (CodeGear) stuff | 2 Comments