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After one Day (and one Night) i have a lot of feedback from friends, employees and customers about the Embarcadero Deal buying CodeGear. First the most are absolut happy about the change. A lot of Customers are feel the new chance about future of the Tools. But some also are hoping all the “normal” customers who a reading only some tickers, can read between the lines that is a good next step and are not thinking: “Ok that’s the end of all”. I can only hope Embarcadero will spend some money in the national marketing teams to communicate to the customers why this step also helps the Developers (some ideas in my last blog).

I was phoning and chatting with a lot of friends around the world and all are extreme happy about it. So the first feeling in the community is not frustating. It is let’s grow up the speed on the highway (and i know as a german driver: driving a car with no speedlimit on the highway 🙂 )

I am very happy a lot of employees from CodeGear also feel positive about the deal. A positive feeling from this guys can help to develope more euphoric on the products again. And we as users from this tools can use this euphoric again in our products.

It is important for all Partners and Develepors to announce why we use Delphi, JBuilder, Interbase, Blackfish, Delphi PHP, Ruby…  because we trust in this great Products, we trust in the Team and we trust (like before) in this big, fantastic and perfect Community.

If i look for example in all the forums arround the world (like my favourite German Language Forum DelphiPraxis) i can see everytime so many developers use the products and are happy about it to work with it.


Daniel Magin


May 8, 2008 - Posted by | Embarcadero (CodeGear) stuff

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  1. These are great posts Daniel! It kind of re-captures how we thought about the deal as we worked hard over many months on it. At the end of the day we see this: Applications nearly always have a relational database under-pinning it and secondly the professional developer is ‘morphing’ into a role that is spanning more technologies….specifically getting deeper and deeper into the world of the database as applications are wired into it. When you look at this and the millions of professionals that call themselves ‘developers’, we want to empower them with a broad selection of technology that gets them deeply into these worlds from app to database in a manner that is easy to buy, easy to use and educational on learning new technologies (e.g. learning how to write better Oracle SQL from as a career Delphi or Java professional as a simple example). There are TONS of other integrated examples we are moving forward on as well.

    So again, we’re excited and reading these posts has me pumped up!

    Stay in touch.

    Greg Keller
    VP-Product Management
    Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.

    Comment by Greg Keller | May 19, 2008 | Reply

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