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CEO Tod Nielsen (Borland) leaving company

Tod Nielsen CEO from Borland is leaving the Company. He is changing now to VMWare as a Chief Operating Officer (COO). He was before Borland 12 Years by Microsoft, three years by BEA and a short time by orale.

he was also the person who sells the Developer Group to Embarcadero.

Can somebody tell me how many employees now by Borland? 🙂

regards daniel

ps: don’t loose in the virtual world

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macworld live ticker and my trip @ home

sitting in the train from hamburg to frankfurt during keynote from apple is really stupid.
so i was thinking “hey daniel you have a iphone, so let’s search a ticker”. why not go to internet and find a live ticker. one big website for mac’s is macrumors.com. so i found a live ticker also designed for iphones. great it works. first 20 minutes perfect.

some messages come in like steve is dead and waked up and much more…

what kind of jokes running in SF? then much more stupid lines come in anf the site was hacked and macrumors goes offline.

here some screenshots.



server is gone away

server is gone away

thanks hackers for this stupid shit.

regards daniel (magin)

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Future in MobileWorld

David Pogue a author of the New York Times show us the new trends in MobileWorld. This great video is a must for iPhone Lovers/Haters or whatever.

Best Performance with great music and perfect summary of the crazy market.

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