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Writing iPhone Software – iGroupMail

Many Years Delphi,

Many Years Pascal,

Many Years SQL,

Many Years CodeGeare Stuff,

no question i don’t leave the big Delphi Ship!!!
But looking also around what’s happen on other SDK’s i start to develope a Application for the iPhone. Writing with Delphi WebAppications for the iPhone is no Problem (i will blog about this later) but first of all i tried to write a native application for the iPhone.

Let me bring the hurdles in some lines (i will prepare a article with more details later). First of all is to understand the XCODE development system. Understand the diffrence between business logic (coding) and Presentation Layer with Interface Builder. These are TWO different Tools. So you must understand how to bring the Tools togehter (IBOutlet and IBActions).

Second Hurdle is the COCOA Language Objective-C Language .. You have here a complete different typing like in Delphi:


Button1.Color:=MyColor;  —> [Button1 SetColor:MyColor];

and also for


—> [Button1 SetColor:MyColor SetAlign:MyAlign];

But the biggest Hurdle is like changing to .net learning where are the classes. What is the name of the class to Include (uses). So i need about 2 weeks to understand how it works.

After all sending the App to Apple, Apple is realy testing the stuff and find some bugs for example the GUI Guidlines must be correct. No chance in my first relase and sending back to fix the bug. But after all i got it.

I decided to write a application you can create indenpend Email Groups with email adresses from the adressbook or manual added. With this group you can crete a email to Normal, CC, BCC.

You can find it here iGroupMail:

iTunesStroe iGroupMail

iTunesStroe iGroupMail


Now after my first online application i will prepare a more detail article like Diffrence between Delphi and XCODE Development System. And i also work on a example Delphi Webservice to iPhone, and much more…

regards daniel


February 8, 2009 - Posted by | Embarcadero (CodeGear) stuff, iPhone


  1. I’m waiting for more articles about iPhone 😉

    I have looked before to develop for iPhone, but I didn’t like that I have to use Mac machine and the only feasible solution is by using ObjC, which is looking ugly compared to Delphi.

    Comment by Mohammed Nasman | February 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. Nice Article, thank you.
    I’m waiting for the next detailed one.

    Comment by Mahmoud Baalbaki | February 9, 2009 | Reply

  3. Cocoa is the library, not the language. The language is Objective-C.

    Comment by Joe White | February 10, 2009 | Reply

  4. Thanks to share this knowledge. I’m looking for some sample iPhone program. I would like to learn this OS/IDE/Language, so I’ll be very curious to read you soon.

    Comment by Laurent PIERRE | February 11, 2009 | Reply

  5. […] Noch nie war mobiler E-Mail-Verkehr so komfortabel wie mit dem iPhone (Blackberry-Fans bitte weglesen). Doch der im Arbeitsleben altägliche Versand an mehrere Adressaten ist – verglichen mit richtigen Mail-Clients – noch recht mühsam. Denn jeder Adressat muss händisch in “Kontakte” gesucht und übernommen werden. Die pfiffige Anwendung iGroupMail macht das E-Mail-Leben leichter. Denn hiermit können thematisch motivierte Empfängergruppen (Marketing, Projekt iPhone App, Familie etc.) angelegt werden. Mails können fortan per Fingertipp an diese Verteiler geschickt werden, ganz nach Wunsch auch als CC: oder BCC:. Das nützliche Werkzeug ist für 1,59 € im App Store verfügbar. Zum Blog des Entwicklers Daniel Magin […]

    Pingback by mobileTicker » E-Mails mobil über Verteiler senden | February 19, 2009 | Reply

  6. Thanks for the blog dude, very helpful. Let me know when you have more up there.

    Peace out

    Comment by Mike Cook | March 18, 2009 | Reply

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