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InterBase 2009 PowerDay

InterBase 2009 PowerDay
InterBase 2009 PowerDay


Hi @all,

InterBase 2009 the new Editon including AES Encryption is the vault server. In cryptography, the AES  (Advanced Encryption Standard) is an encryption stadard adopted by the U.S. Goverment. In USA this Encryption is uses for Documents with highest secret level.

The InterBase Power Day show you all the new features since InterBase 7 to InterBase 2009 and much more. This event is created by Embarcadero Germany and the InterBase Master Reseller in Germany: better office. The complete day all Sessions are showing in live coding direct from me (Daniel Magin).

The event is in Frankfurt Germany on 19. March  changed to 6. Mai

All Infos incl. Agenda you can find here:

InterBase 2009 PowerDay Link

regards Daniel Magin


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