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Microsoft announced MultiTouch Pack for Windows 7

You remeber on Delphi Live! 2009 the Touch Presentation from Chris Benson?
Now Microsoft announced yesterday in a blog the MultiTouch Pack for Windows 7.

Link to Microsoft blog

also a intresting Link to Microsoft Surface Globe a complete new written application using the Virtual Earth 3D Engine and developed from the ground for touch.


daniel magin

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Vista Search loves Pascal (more from the fun point)

today i was searching some lost document, i try to find it over the current date.
after the open windows search i open the enhanced stuff and over the dialog a create the search for all files of today. what did i see?


yes, datum (that’s german and means in english date) := ‘28.05.2009’ LOL

but microsoft did forget the “;” where can i report the bug?


daniel magin

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dbxint.dll not found in asp.net 64bit application and Delphi Prism

I created a new Delphi Prism Project on my new Windows 2008 64-bit machine. The developing process direct on this machine incl. Delphi Prism (last version) incl. in the backend a Interbase 2009 server. The asp.net application is communicating over dbxpress the .net stuff in delphi prism and interbase driver in a nice and easy to develope way.

The Application is running fine during development process with Delphi Prism. After deploying in IIS7 and Windows 2008 64-bit i get the message dbxint.dll not found. After hours of searching i was absolute shure the dll’s are in the correct place.

Ok after checking if all drivers and assemblies are in system path the error message did not gone away. so i found also a similar old bug report in qc here.

I found out the application is running on a 32bit OS fine, but i don’t like to deinstall my complete server and to install agin a 32 bit version of windows 2008. that’s not the way i like to go.

so i was checking the new features how can i tell IIS7 to work with a 32 and 64bit .net framework parallel. again some hours of reading the new configuration stuff i found out YES IT CAN!

In IIS7 (not in earlier versions) you can create manual in a special configuration file by hand exact this stuff. first you have to open C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config the file:  applicationHost.config

Search for <applicationPools>

you see in this sections all your IIS Web Pools.

Now we are Creating two diffrent Pools one for asp.net with 64 and one with 32 bit support, with adding this lines in this section:


 <add name=”MyAppPool32bit” autoStart=”true” enable32BitAppOnWin64=”true” />
 <add name=”MyAppPool64bit” autoStart=”true” enable32BitAppOnWin64=”false” />

 <add name=”MyASPNET32bit” autoStart=”true” enable32BitAppOnWin64=”true” />
 <add name=”MyASPNET64bit” autoStart=”true” enable32BitAppOnWin64=”false” />

after closing you can find in your IIS7 Administaion Tool both Pools. After changing the pool to MyASPNET32bit  to my Delphi Prism Application with asp.net and dbxpress, all runs fine.

I think something in dbx stuff in .net must have some PInvoke stuff in 32bit or not correct signed or what ever. there is the problem, where the 64.bit stuff will not except. but this is a simple workaraound and i hope the bug will fixed soon.

have fun and regards

daniel magin

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Delphi 2009 Update 3 and Update 4 available

CodeGear have published on the server the new Updates 3 and 4 for Delphi 2009.

A complete list with all bugfixes can be found here

Delphi 2009 Update 3 Bug Fix List

Delphi 2009 Update 4 Bug Fix List

Updates can be found here

Daniel Magin

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InterBase License – Backup Server HowTo?

On email and telphone support more and more customers ask me how (legal?) to register a InterBase Server also as a Bakup Server?

Yes with the same Serial number you can install a second server!

It is legal! In OperationsGudie (see Doc folder in interbase root folder OpGuide.pdf) Chapter 2 Page 2 see the note:

“You can use the same serial number to install and register Server Edition software on a second computer for backup purposes as long the second computer is not uses concurrently with the primary server.

you see InterBase is making the life easy.

daniel magin

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Free InterBase 2009 Security online Webinar

On 16. June 2009 you can join for free a InterBase 2009 Webinar powered by Embarcadero and Better Office. On this day the seminar is presented in English and German on two diffrent time slots.

Registration and more Events you can found at: http://www.codegear-events.eu/





Session in English – Interbase 2009 – The Vault

Start at 17:00 (GMT) – 18:00 (CET) (about 1-1.5 hours)
For the US Friends: Start at 09:00 (PST) – 10:00 (MST) – 11:00 (CST) – 12:00 (EST)  

InterBase 2009 now comes with the new encryption technology! Daniel Magin is presenting in live demonstrations the new DES and AES encryption to encrypt a database and/or individual columns in a database table, providing ultimate security for data and communications between servers and clients. What are the new topics for Administrators and Developers? Learn about this and much more!





Session in German – InterBase 2009 – Der Tresor

Start um 09:00 (GMT) – 10:00 (CET / Deutsche Zeit) Dauer: 1-1.5 Stunden

InterBase 2009 wurde in der neuen Version um die Verschlüsselungs-Technologie erweitert. Diese neue Technologie zeigt Ihnen Daniel Magin wie gewohnt an Live-Beispielen. Außerdem werden Sie lernen, wie Sie mit der DES- und AES-Verschlüsselung der Datenbank und/oder individuellen Feldern sowie ganzen Tabellen Ihre Datenbank vor unbefugten Zugriffen schützen. Was sind die neuen Themen für Administratoren und Entwickler? Auch die Antwort auf diese Frage finden Sie hier!




regards Daniel Magin

Think InterBase

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First German Delphi Video Podcast Online!

Ok this message is only important for people understanding german language. There are great english podcasts, but it’s time now to start the first german podcast. Olaf Monien, Holger Flick and I, the DHO team (Daniel,Holger,Olaf) just started the first german video podcast around delphi.


in this part we are discussing about the great Delphi Live! 2009 Conference.

so have fun and i hope you like it!


daniel magin

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The best of DelphiLive was [Video]:

first of all, the complete DelphiLive Conference was a great conference!!! all the sessions was intresting and also we as speakers have a lot of fun to present to such interested customers the knowledge. yes it was a realy perfect sessions. for me also it was good to see again many speakers from ex Borland moved to Embarcadero and to see how much new stuff was created.

See videos part 1 and part 2 from Delphi.org

there was many other cool session, but the best session und stuff was created by Chris Benson and his Team. First of all thanks,thanks,thanks,thanks,thanks,thanks,thanks for this great stuff.

It was showing the technics from Touch applications. The best was adding Touch Gestures to fishfact demo. Moving the records by sliding like iPhone gestures over the picture. That’s Delphi!!! from Version 1 demo to 2009+x with gestures! This is why trust Delphi. You can bring evrytime your old sourcecode to the next version!

I was dream a long time about it. Before Microsoft and Apple was think about it, there are many sides showing really cool stuff anout it. For example this video show what can happens in furture or to generate with gestures and multi touch applications. PRESS THIS LINK
This company work since 2006 on such projects look at this side to get also more. LINK

But now back to the stuff from Chris and his team. In Delphi you get on the objects cool new properties in the Objectinspector to controll basic gestures and also to create gestures how ever you like. i recorded also with my small canon digicam some parts of the session and you see we are not so far away from the future stuff above.

Here are some cutted parts of the complete session (the person presenting this stuff is Chris Benson):

Also many thanks to Massoud and his team (Frank Stepan,…) for the great organization of this Conference.

so let’s dream for the next version and you see what you are missed if you was not on DelphiLive 2009


Daniel Magin

Think Delphi!

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Bye Bye Borland – Micro Focus buying Borland

Now it’s public,
Micro Focus a british Company is buying Borland for $75M cash.

The stock price is cheap and why not?


But what are Micro Focus is buying now? can somebody tell me one good product from the last Borland Company? Come on the caliber stuff is so simple and not extreme heavy to write self. And all the other stuff is really not selling good. Did Mirco Focus like to buy the name? I can not imagine. This are typical CEO,CFO gambling. Ok it’s now really bad that the Borland is now burned complete. But in history in my way of thiniking, was so many wrong decissions from Borland Management, so i do not wonder about. Funny to see Micro Focus have a product Data Express and first i was thinking of DBExpress but this is a complete diffrent stuff. So Borland did not bring the company back in black numbers, did these guys not run a ALM Software in the Company self to see what’s going on and to contorl the company? (LOL)

Perhaps Embarcadero can buy the Name (Borland) for some bucks back, only to put in the desk shelf and to show these Borland ALM guys what was the best products in the company. Now the good old name “borland” where i was growing up and i have a lot of t-shirts from many years (conferences, internal meetings, road-shows,…) are ready for ebay?

Thank’s for burning the name.

regards daniel any many greetings from germany

See you @ Delphi-Live


for Ken Knopfli (see comments) here is Frank Borland:

More about Frank Borland here: LINK

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Why Delphi?

First of many greetings again from Germany.

Many Developers are talking and discussing about the best Developing Tools. Everytime in this discussions the people talking about many new stuff, new hypes and new systems. But isn’t it important to first talk about what the customers are need? So let’s first talk about this:

The most customers are working on the client site with windows operating systems. On a new Operating System Market Share Analyse from Market Share LINK you can see over 87% are using windows and the second position is Mac OS with about 9%. Btw. the big big Linux is about 1% (iPhone in this short term have now the half of linux). For Developers with Client Server Architecture is the best Solution in my thinking: Delphi. This extreme Rapid Application Development Tool is much quicker as all other, also from the view of Deployment. Are your cusomters have the right from the Administrators to install the .net stuff? Did the Companies have all vista or higher to use all the .net stuff? The customer need only a button and like to see in a quick way the result. The most are not interesting how you develope the software.

If you are developing to Multi-Architecture (or other names like Multi-Tier, n-Tier, shared Business Logic… blablalba and much mor other words for the same stuff, typical IT Language), Delphi have it for many years. For example everybody is talking SOA, Webservices and much more. Yes i like Webservices and i use it in many Projects!!! But the most are thinking WebService needs Java, .Net or what ever. Hello multi-tier (or what name i like to use now?) meens NOT to use one tool for all? So i consume WebServices from XYZ Language, why not, in my Delphi. Delphi can handle WebServices since Delphi 6! The most other Languages have never a heard about it! So we are back on the Client Side. How many clients are Windows (scroll up).

In the most discussions the Developer are looking to many developing tools. But there are forgotten somthing important! The most important thing for Developers are the secure of the source-code. I have units starting with Delphi 1 and i using many units and algo’s with Delphi 2009. Hey we are talkin about over 10 Years !!! Let’s make a small look to the VB Developers. to transform the projects to vb.net i have a great tool on my machine with the name fdisk.exe . So Delphi was for me everytime the choice the best and i trust Delphi.

No question Delphi can not handle all, but handles the most if you compare to others. Now with the great deal with RemObjects Delphi have now a good future to bring the developers also to the .net World if you need the Framework. So i use it to write my WebServervices with it and i consume with the Delphi Win32 Client (and i hope Win64 will come). For WebApplications it love the ASP.net stuff. And now with Delphi Prism i have it complete, like .net 35 and much more. But much more important is i have my language! Thank’s CodeGear  you include the RemObjects Stuff in your Product Line!! And now i can use my code in both. And to make it more unbelievable with DataSnap i can share Connections, Methods, Objects… in both worlds.

For me is it important to have a tool with a language i can trust also in future and not in hypes. Is the Hype is coming real, i can call it with Delphi.

For some days a nice email from a friend (Thomas Pfister) was in my mailbox with the correct line:
“For a Developer who is perfect in his programming language, he produce code wich is running on customers machines, it is not important how old it is. The other Developers who are thinking and thinking about new hypes and is running from hype and hype, have no time to be perfect.”

No question it is important to look around you what’s happen, but trust your feeling and what your customers are need.

My result of all the years:

Think Delphi!


One Name.
One Legend.

See you on Delphi-Live Conference!


daniel (magin)

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