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Why Delphi?

First of many greetings again from Germany.

Many Developers are talking and discussing about the best Developing Tools. Everytime in this discussions the people talking about many new stuff, new hypes and new systems. But isn’t it important to first talk about what the customers are need? So let’s first talk about this:

The most customers are working on the client site with windows operating systems. On a new Operating System Market Share Analyse from Market Share LINK you can see over 87% are using windows and the second position is Mac OS with about 9%. Btw. the big big Linux is about 1% (iPhone in this short term have now the half of linux). For Developers with Client Server Architecture is the best Solution in my thinking: Delphi. This extreme Rapid Application Development Tool is much quicker as all other, also from the view of Deployment. Are your cusomters have the right from the Administrators to install the .net stuff? Did the Companies have all vista or higher to use all the .net stuff? The customer need only a button and like to see in a quick way the result. The most are not interesting how you develope the software.

If you are developing to Multi-Architecture (or other names like Multi-Tier, n-Tier, shared Business Logic… blablalba and much mor other words for the same stuff, typical IT Language), Delphi have it for many years. For example everybody is talking SOA, Webservices and much more. Yes i like Webservices and i use it in many Projects!!! But the most are thinking WebService needs Java, .Net or what ever. Hello multi-tier (or what name i like to use now?) meens NOT to use one tool for all? So i consume WebServices from XYZ Language, why not, in my Delphi. Delphi can handle WebServices since Delphi 6! The most other Languages have never a heard about it! So we are back on the Client Side. How many clients are Windows (scroll up).

In the most discussions the Developer are looking to many developing tools. But there are forgotten somthing important! The most important thing for Developers are the secure of the source-code. I have units starting with Delphi 1 and i using many units and algo’s with Delphi 2009. Hey we are talkin about over 10 Years !!! Let’s make a small look to the VB Developers. to transform the projects to vb.net i have a great tool on my machine with the name fdisk.exe . So Delphi was for me everytime the choice the best and i trust Delphi.

No question Delphi can not handle all, but handles the most if you compare to others. Now with the great deal with RemObjects Delphi have now a good future to bring the developers also to the .net World if you need the Framework. So i use it to write my WebServervices with it and i consume with the Delphi Win32 Client (and i hope Win64 will come). For WebApplications it love the ASP.net stuff. And now with Delphi Prism i have it complete, like .net 35 and much more. But much more important is i have my language! Thank’s CodeGear  you include the RemObjects Stuff in your Product Line!! And now i can use my code in both. And to make it more unbelievable with DataSnap i can share Connections, Methods, Objects… in both worlds.

For me is it important to have a tool with a language i can trust also in future and not in hypes. Is the Hype is coming real, i can call it with Delphi.

For some days a nice email from a friend (Thomas Pfister) was in my mailbox with the correct line:
“For a Developer who is perfect in his programming language, he produce code wich is running on customers machines, it is not important how old it is. The other Developers who are thinking and thinking about new hypes and is running from hype and hype, have no time to be perfect.”

No question it is important to look around you what’s happen, but trust your feeling and what your customers are need.

My result of all the years:

Think Delphi!


One Name.
One Legend.

See you on Delphi-Live Conference!


daniel (magin)

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