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Bye Bye Borland – Micro Focus buying Borland

Now it’s public,
Micro Focus a british Company is buying Borland for $75M cash.

The stock price is cheap and why not?


But what are Micro Focus is buying now? can somebody tell me one good product from the last Borland Company? Come on the caliber stuff is so simple and not extreme heavy to write self. And all the other stuff is really not selling good. Did Mirco Focus like to buy the name? I can not imagine. This are typical CEO,CFO gambling. Ok it’s now really bad that the Borland is now burned complete. But in history in my way of thiniking, was so many wrong decissions from Borland Management, so i do not wonder about. Funny to see Micro Focus have a product Data Express and first i was thinking of DBExpress but this is a complete diffrent stuff. So Borland did not bring the company back in black numbers, did these guys not run a ALM Software in the Company self to see what’s going on and to contorl the company? (LOL)

Perhaps Embarcadero can buy the Name (Borland) for some bucks back, only to put in the desk shelf and to show these Borland ALM guys what was the best products in the company. Now the good old name “borland” where i was growing up and i have a lot of t-shirts from many years (conferences, internal meetings, road-shows,…) are ready for ebay?

Thank’s for burning the name.

regards daniel any many greetings from germany

See you @ Delphi-Live


for Ken Knopfli (see comments) here is Frank Borland:

More about Frank Borland here: LINK

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