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Next Delphi Events September-November

Here a small summary of the next Delphi Events:

First of all, wow what a hot summer. Many knowledge and many stuff. That’s the way to do it!!!

September 8-11, 2009

The biggest Delphi Event in the virtual world is coming next Month: Embarcadero CodeRage 4


there are running over 90 sessions in two virtual rooms. Many speaker are talking about Delphi, C++Builder, InterBase, the Database Tools from Embarcadero like ER-Studio, RapidSQL, ChangeManger and much more. So next days the register is open. i will share the link in my blog.

For the friends in “real” confernces with “face to face” mode and meeting friends and other Developers here some links:

August 19 and 20


Delphi 2009 and Unicode

A german based Training for Delphi 2009 and Unicode. Move your appliaction to Delphi 2009 and Unicode Support. All important information and registration can be found here.

Next is moved to Nov/Dez cause we start the Delphi 2010 Roadhshow at this date!

September 8 and 10


The DelphiExperts Team run with Embarcadero Gemany a deep technical Roadshow in two german cities about Developing MultiThreading and XML with Delphi Win32 and Delphi Prism. A perfect entrance to understand realy the stuff from the Base to Detail. This is running on September 8 in Dortmund and September 10 in Hannover. Always the day before Embarcadero runs a roadshow in the same cities to get a good overview of all products and All-Access. Registration is still open. So don’t miss it! this is a german language based Roadshow so here a small Agenda in german:

  • MultiThreading:

    • Was ist MutliThreading
    • Aufbau von MutliThreading Klassen
    • Kritsche Sektionen
    • MultiThreading mit visuellen Komponenten
    • Kontrolle der Threads
    • Zuweisung auf Prozessoren
    • Threads und Prioritäten
    • Threads und Events
    • verschachtelte Threads
    • Debuggen von Threads
  • XML

    • Aufbau von XML
    • XPath: Suchen von Inhalten in der XML Datei, also die “SQL” Abfrage mit XML
    • XSLT das Transformieren von XML Inhalten in jegliches Ausgabeformate
    • XML Parser z.B. mit DOM, SAX usw.
    • XSD die Schema Dateien für XML
    • Win32 XML Mapper
    • .net XML und DataSets
    • Gemischtes Projekt Win32 und .NET die über XML Daten austauschen

September 28 – Oktober 2, 2009

The MUST in Europe!

The Ekon13 the biggest Delphi Developer Conference in Europe is coming the 13 time. Parallel is running the DelphiLive Conference for English Speaking People. So you have the choice between English and German language. That’s cool 🙂



over 13 speakers (the most important in europe and some special guest from usa) talk in many sessions over the hottest stuff about Delphi and his Childs. Also some Pre and Post Conferences are available for daily workshops. I hope to see you there, cause i am also on this event (its only 30 minutes from my home).

Registration is still open and you can get a EarlyBird Registration (englishgerman) with saving money still to August 20.

November 11 – 12, 2009

i devcon verona

Lets go to Italy (Verona) and enjoy with a espresso the Italian Style of Delphi Code. This new Conference will sharing in Italian and English Language the Developer Stuff in your region. Registration is also still open and see the speakers list on the website. Many international guest also coming for sharing the knowledge. I enjoy for this conference to see again many friends and speaking and listening to hot stuff.

So thats’ all folks

regards daniel magin

and Think Delphi!


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