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Delphi Conference Video – Verona 2009 ITDevocon

Last week the new Delphi Conference ITDevcon 2009 in Verona was a great success. During the breaks i recorded with my small Cam some funny pictures. now it’s on youtube to watch some nice movie snippets.

HD Resolution

Low Resolution

Have fun and think delphi


daniel (magin)

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20years Ago

Today for 20 years the berlin wall falls.

for me was one of the unbelievable moments in my live. exact on this day some friends and i decided on the next day to drive with a old VW bus to berlin an celebrate with the east german part, the falling wall. in my heart it was the most emotion moment standing in front of the wall put one hand over my head and “thousand” hands form the people on the top of the wall bring you up to the top of the wall.

thanks to all people for falling down the wall.

now it is time for fall the walls in korea, israel-palestina, mexico and all other places where wall’s divide families.


daniel magin

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Did you know the online Delphi-Reference?

If not look at the great project from Daniel Wolf (he is also the moderator of the biggest german delphi forum: DelphiPraxis.net).

this webapplication can search parallel in the original embarcadero online help and parallel DelphiPraxis CodeLibrary and Discussion Threads. also daniel told me adding other forums like english language can be added very easy, best is contact daniel wolf direct. daniel (wolf) make a great job for many years for the german community, he runs a big forum for free and he is also the organisator and master chief (yes!) of the german delphi days, a big community meeting with hundreds of developers. ask david i about the last events. btw here some pictures

Delphi-Reference Screenshot

great tool!!!!!!!!


i can only say from daniel to daniel: thanks daniel 🙂

regards daniel (magin)

think delphi

btw. i have to pack my bag for ther verona trip

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Delphi Events – Verona – Stuttgart

On Tuesday i travel to verona to the IT Devcon the Italian Delphi Conference form 11-12 November. On this conference i will speak about:

  • Delphi and Subversion
  • Removing BDE from Delphi Projects
  • Interbase 2009 the Vault

But there are also many Speakers and Friends talking in a lot of sessions (36!). Missing this event is like missing knowledge. If you missed my blog for verona so it urgent to visit italy and join the meeting.

If you can not travel to italy and you stay next tuesday in stuttgart visit the delphi experts session with olaf monien on our powerworkshop after the day from embarcadero roadshow.

have fun and think delphi

regards daniel

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