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Playing with iPad SDK

Apple have published the new SDK including the iPad Simulator and the new API on the developer website.

It is in Beta but it works wonderful. So the first work in the morning was to test how it is. Yes it is based an the same SDK as the iPhone and there are no changes in developing software. My first Project was a small App with a WebView and a Picker to select some different WebSites.

Creating a new Project there is a new selector for iPhone or iPad

i have deleted the pictures, cause i have to check the BETA NDA.

But i leave the text.

yes there is the simulator in the sdk

now lets start the Interface Builder to add some Components on it and to bind on the IBOutlets and IBActions

adding some code and yes it runs !!!!!

that’s what i like. No changes in behavior of developing. It is the same like the iPhone Development before. So it is easy to write new iPad Applications. Also to use existing Classes and Code from iPhone Applications. Thats perfect!!!!

Btw we expand our iPhone Developer Day in Munich and Hamburg also with iPad stuff. Now we can talk about it and the Agenda will be change in a short time.

Have fun and

regards daniel (magin)

btw: think i

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Welcome iPad on Earth

i just like to say welcome to iPad.

That’s my new tool……

i like to have it now!!!!!!

regards daniel (magin)

btw: think iPad

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Creating iPhone Apps Roadshow with Evan Doll, Olaf Monien and Daniel Magin

Yes now we have on this important day also a Apple Announcement

on 18 March 2010 in Munich

on 22 March 2010 in Hamburg

we create the first pure iPhone Developer Roadshow in Germany with no Marketing or other stuff. Only pure Code is showing and presented. This Roadshow is perfect for Developer from any Developing Language. We show live how to work with the iPhone SDK.

We are offering 2 Different Days

First Day is in Roadshow Character:


  • Overview of different Developer Tools
    • XCode
    • Interface Builder
    • Apple Dashcode
    • MonoDevelope
  • Let’s Start Programming
  • Introduction in Objective C
  • The Interface Builder
  • iPhone Applications and Databases
  • Q&A

Day 2 : you are working on your Computer parallel

  • Installation of Development Tools
  • Controller, Controller, Controllers – How to use all different Controller Classes
  • iPhone Application Development
    • Fiels
    • Ressources
    • Memory Leaks
    • Activity Monitor
    • using Instruments
  • MapKit and Annotations
  • Overview of new things (depend from next hours)
  • and much much more …


Evan Doll

he was Senior Software Engineer by Apple and everybody knows him with his great iTunes Videos about iPhone Development on University Stanford

Olaf Monien and Daniel Magin
ok the Delphi Community knows all about us 🙂

The full Agenda in German Language can be found here: PDFLink

Registration can be found here: LINK

regards daniel (magin)

think iPhone

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Windows Development on Mac and more…

Today during normal working Olaf Monien and I have finished some intresting tests and we like to share this to community. And it is interesting, while Embarcadero is working on a Delphi Solution compiling to the MacOSX also (Roadmap Delphi).

During running on one mac VMWare Fusion 3 and on the other Parallels 5 with Windows 7 and SQL Server Standard we found extreme differences on result time.

To get exact result i installed on my mac book 17″ 8 GB Ram VMWare and Parallels a brand new Windows 7 32bit. both get 3GB Ram. Same Databases from a backup was restored in this new image (SQL Server Standard).

Result time on a big query over 2 Databases in VMWare was 15 seconds and in Parallels 5 seconds, all with fetching all records.

We have no idea why but the decision for me is done.

Also Delphi in Win32 and Delphi Prism (Visual Studio IDE) is a little bit quicker in Parallels as in Fusion.

What’s your result?



btw: think delphi and mac

btw nr2: don’t ask why we do this, answer is NDA

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