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iPhone Developer Days in Munich Summary

It was great two days !!! The german MacWorld Magazin (MacWelt) and iPhoneWelt we run our first big iPhone Developer Roadshow. Munich Hands on Lab Training (the second day) was complete sold out, also next week in Hamburg. Mrs Buschbeck from MacWelt Magazin and her team have create a perfect infrastructure around the roadshow from registration, catering and at the end the final beer!!

Our great guest speaker Evan Doll has explain to a lot of different new developers, coming from Delphi, Visual Studio, Java,… the cool SDK for the iPhone. It was great walk on the way to explain how to creat classes, memory mangament, what’s really behind release, retain, the work with Interface Build and how to handle this all in XCode. Its was awesome how he was given a introduction in Objective-C to all the developers. You can feel his deep understanding from the SDK. He was many years a major developer by Apple and build many things in the SDK. So we understand also a lot of things behind the curtain. He covered also what’s the Design Rules and for creating a good looking App.

You have to see him live!

Olaf (my partner from DelphiExperts) was showing also cool stuff with MonoDevelope and integrate the C# and Delphi guys. He was explaining and present a great demonstration with Rem Objects Dataabstract. So you can create a Middleware Server with Delphi, VS and connect this to different Databases with communication interfaces like JSON, WebService and Binary Communication to different Clients like again Delphi, VS, Java, PHP and the iPhone. DataAbstract from RemObjects is a cool enterprise product to bring this worlds together. (Thanks marc for this great tool!!)

My little Part on this iPhone Developer Days was showing how to work with the iPhone SDK and:

  • Introduction in XCode
  • iPhone and SQLight Connection
  • MapKit Developing with the Map Framework
  • consuming webservices with iPhone

On the second Day all the attendees was work together with us and lear a lot of things. The biggest hurdle was understanding the different techniques of Controllers in the iPhone SDK.

I like to say also thank you to all attendees for this great feedback and i promise we are coming back with other cool topics and i hope to see you soon.

A german Article and more Photos can be found on the WebPage from MacWelt.


daniel (magin)


“servus” to munich and

“moin” to hamburg we are coming

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