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Apple SDK 4.0 and the Developing Language Restriction

This Blog entry is based on the discussion of this article from delphi.org

Apple has pushed the last 3 years Mobile AND Internet, all other together the last 10 year did not. yes everybody can think about the rules, development systems, interface rules,… from apple. but i work now over 1 year with xcode and objective c. for me it’s not important what kind of language i use. for me is important that i can use the source code i have written over many years. so i decided to do this in objective c. mono touch is a very nice dev system (i have a license) but the novell needs to convert the new api’s and what ever in there system. who nows what’s with monotouch in 5 years? apple can not kill obj-c, the whole OS is written in obj-c.

btw obj-c is not hard to learn. after 3-4 weeks i was coding in the speed like delphi. thinking in classes, methods, oop,… is language independent. it’s only a problem how to tell the dev-system in the correct syntax and where are the classes.

if apple is iArrogant or not, this is a question for everybody self. for me it’s important the iPhone and now also the iPad change a lot of in my life. there is no easier way to control in my mobile world so easy all my business stuff. if i look around to other people in my family (non developers) it’s the same. it’s so easy for example to control my contacts, mails, calendar over me.com. no sync with cables, adapters, computer or what ever. why should apple have not to control the way of apps?

if you look for example in android market, there are also apps for download from servers with terrible content. kids have apps/pictures on the phone with adult content. i like the way apple is controlling what kind of apps are coming in the store. sometimes the checking process is not to understand but the success of number of apps say all:

– 4 Billion Apps downloaded
-185.000 Apps in the Appstore
– 50 Million iPhones sold
– 85 Million iPhone and iPod touch
– in one week 450.000 iPads sold

this success show me the future of mobile market.

i know other systems are also great, easy to use…, but the master of integrate all together in one system is apple.
my house is now driven by apple. i buy my music, movies in itunes. after click,buy and download it’s automatic available in my appleTv box. no manual sync needed. is my iPhone/iPad/iPhone from my wife, iPod in contact with my network wow there is the music also. i change a appointment on my computer, wow it’s automatic changed in iP….

coming back …
sometimes some decisions, like the development tools are not in everybody style. but under the line the success show the result.
look at the stock fro APPL

bad example was Borland. Hello where is the name, where is my old company name? the name is burned. The only good on this bad situation was, Codegear (the true old Borland Developer Guys) are in a other harbor. And all the other (new) Borland Guys run the ship on the wall (what’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well LOL)

there are no decisions in the world with agreement from everybody. but you have to decide what kind of platform you like to use and make your life easier.


daniel magins

“Business is a combination of war and sport.” – Andre Maurois

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DelphiExperts Workshop Day – Zürich – Köln – Hamburg

Delphi Logo

Yes! the DelphiExperts train is rolling again with cool containers full of knowledge!

This roadshow is in Germany an Switzerland and in german language (sorry for the international readers 🙂 ), so here are the important stuff in german language:

Alles über Sourcecodeverwaltung, Debuggen, Testen mit Delphi und als Special: Delphi und iPhone / iPad Konnektivität.

Daniel Magin und Olaf Monien demonstrieren in der gewohnt pragmatischen Art und Weise den Umgang mit Werkzeugen wie SubVersion, dem Delphi Debugger (inkl. der Neuerungen aus Delphi 2010) uvm. Sie erhalten viele Insider-Informationen, die Ihre Produktivität steigern werden.

18. Mai 2010 in Zürich

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7. Juni in Köln

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17. Juni in Hamburg

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08:30 – 09:00    Registrierung

09:00 – 10:30    Delphi SourceCode

Diese Session beschäftigt sich mit dem Umgang der Sourcen ihrer Projekte. Wie speichert und verwaltet man Sourcen vom Einzelentwickler bis zum Team korrekt – dazu gibt es eine Einführung in SVN/Subversion. Welche Regeln sollte man einhalten, damit SourceCode auch nach vielen Jahren noch lesbar ist. Themen wie Sourcecode Dokumentation und Lesbarkeit runden diesen Track ab.

10:30 – 11:00    Kaffeepause

11:00 – 12:30    Suche von versteckten Fehlern und allgemeine Testverfahren

Programme, die bei 99% aller Kunden rund laufen, aber bei 1% eine Schutzverletzung hervorrufen? Kennen Sie solche Probleme? Wir zeigen Ihnen wie Sie diese Stellen finden können. Es gibt eine Menge von Tools mit denen Sie neben Unit- auch GUI-Tests automatisieren und kontrollieren können. Wir zeigen Ihnen welche Tools Sie benötigen und demonstrieren diese live an vielen Beispielen.

12:30 – 13:30    Mittagspause

13:30 – 15:00    Debuggen und Memory Manager

Hier vertiefen wir die Suche nach Fehlern und zeigen Ihnen den richtigen Umgang mit dem Delphi Debugger. Lernen Sie, wie Sie Memory Leaks in Ihrer Anwendung finden, tracen und profilen (Geschwindigkeitsoptimierung) bis hin zu Integration von Thread-Analysen und vielem mehr.
• Memory Manger wie FastMM und SafeMM
• Aufspüren von Memory Leaks
• Profiling von Delphi Code
• Richtiges Exception Handling in Delphi

15:00 – 15:30    Kaffeepause

15:30 – 17:00    Delphi Middleware in Verbindung mit iPhone/iPad

Businesslogik vom Client trennen? Wie geht das? Wir zeigen, wie Sie existierende Delphi-Business-Logik mit verschiedenen Architekturen (WebService, JSON, TCP/IP, Proprietär,…) vom iPhone aus nutzen. Als Beispiel rufen wir die Middleware mit einem iPhone/iPad Client auf. Parallel dazu erhalten Sie auch eine Einführung in die native iPhone Programmierung.

17:00 –             Offene Fragerunde

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How popular is Delphi?

Delphi Logo

Tiobe has published today a new Index of April of all languages.
C (not C++) is number one.
Delphi is growing and jump from #11 to #9 and Delphi is now under the top 10 🙂

Very interesting my second favorite language Objective C (Apple’s Language for developing on iPhone and iPad) and is the biggest winner and jump from Postion 42 to 11.

Tiobe is grouping different dialects behind a name:

Delphi :=

Grouping: Delphi, Kylix, Object Pascal, Free Pascal, Chrome (Exception: “Google”), Oxygene, Delphi.NET, Delphi Prism

See more a Tiobe WebPage

and here you can find the Grouping/Definition of a language

Delphi is a very popular language and there are many developers in the world with successfully applications and cool code.

Let’s think Delphi 🙂

regards daniel (magin)

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