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How popular is Delphi?

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Tiobe has published today a new Index of April of all languages.
C (not C++) is number one.
Delphi is growing and jump from #11 to #9 and Delphi is now under the top 10 🙂

Very interesting my second favorite language Objective C (Apple’s Language for developing on iPhone and iPad) and is the biggest winner and jump from Postion 42 to 11.

Tiobe is grouping different dialects behind a name:

Delphi :=

Grouping: Delphi, Kylix, Object Pascal, Free Pascal, Chrome (Exception: “Google”), Oxygene, Delphi.NET, Delphi Prism

See more a Tiobe WebPage

and here you can find the Grouping/Definition of a language

Delphi is a very popular language and there are many developers in the world with successfully applications and cool code.

Let’s think Delphi 🙂

regards daniel (magin)


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