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Developer Solutions Conference – Las Vegas

Developer Solutions Conferences (RemObjects and DeveloperExperts) are a new kind of developer conference, intended to provide developers with a task-oriented event that focuses on a specific topic and gives attendees a in-depth and real live learning experience. Speakers and agenda are selected carefully to provide a single narrative and a consistent presentation for the entire event.

DSConf Las Vegas is the first of these events, and will focus on cross-platform database-driven business solutions, with a special emphasis on mobile clients. It is happening at theMGM Grand on February 8-10, 2011.

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DSConf Las Vegas is a three-day intensive learning experience intended to provide Delphi developers with a look beyond their familiar tools and into cross-platform business application development, with a strong focus on multi-tier database architecture and mobile clients.

Day 1 begins with laying the foundations and introducing attendees to the tools and development environments used throughout the event. In addition to Delphi, you will become familiar with Apple Xcode and Delphi Prism/C#. Our presenters will cover cross platform fundamentals and concepts and discuss possible procedures and architectures to enable cross platform development and reuse of code and knowledge.

Day 2 ventures into the world of database development, starting with basic multi-tier architecture and technologies and principles for building robust, scalable and secure database-drive application and rounding of with a thorough look at Data Abstract, the cross-platform multi-tier framework from RemObjects Software. The afternoon is dedicated to an extensive on-hands lab and workshop, where you can put the learned knowledge to the test as we build a real-life dross-platform business application.

Day 3 focuses on mobile development. We start out by having a look at the three dominant mobile platforms — iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 — and the tools involved with developing for them (Xcode and MonoTouch, MonoDroid and Silverlight, respectively). In addition to general principles, we will also look at how Data Abstract works on all of these platforms to establish connection with your data. The afternoon once again is dedicated to hands-on labs where we put the newly gained knowledge on mobile development to use.

Evening events on day 1 and 2 will round off the presentations and workshops throughout the days. We are keeping the details as a surprise, but trust us when we say we have some exciting things planed for you!

And of course DSConf is happening at the MGM Grand, right on the Las Vegas Strip, where you will finda wide choice of additional nighlife and entertainment options, both in the evenings and the days before or after the conference.

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DSConf Las Vegas is only $799 $499 (early bird offer), for all three days and includes sessions, workshops and evening events.

Sign up now and save; our early bird offer is valid until November 30, 2010, then the price goes up to $799!

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