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FireMonkey DMG Installer and Codesign Video

DevelopeExperts announce two new video:

Tomorrow the 7th Edition of CoderRage starts for Delphi and C++Builder Developer a absolute MUST. You can register here

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Delphi XE2 Remote Debugger Video

I just recorded a new video about the the remote debugger (PAServer for Mac and Windows). Here you can see how it works with the new Delphi XE2 Version.

regareds daniel magin


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Understanding InterBase Transactions

Join a free Webinar “Understanding InterBase Transactions”

In this session you learn the Transaction Handling with InterBase. Also some live demos with Delphi (you can use all techniques in other languages also) how to work in a perfect was between Client Applications and InterBase Server without having deadlocks, performance Problems, …

You can find more informations at: http://borland.interwise.com/borland/iClass/LE8726/

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Writing UDF for InterBase with Delphi

Tomorrow Monday the 21. April 2008 i give a free webcast for codegear with the topic:

Feel free to join: http://borland.interwise.com/borland/iClass/QU8871/

10:00 (GMT)
11:00 (CET)

Writing UDF for InterBase with Delphi
Learn how to write InterBase User Defined Functions. You can expand your InterBase Server with new functions. This live demo show you the basics and a example to work with GIS Geo GPS Data like „select distance(„NewYork“) from tbl_cities“



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1st German Virtual Delphi regular’s table

Daniel Wolf, Administrator from the Delphi PraxisNet and me from better office have finished for 2 weeks ago a hole night talking about delphi. many forum members from the delphi PraxisNet have listening and asked many things round about delphi world.

it was a great session with many fun and many food after the session. We have recorded all the stuff and can be donwloaded from this side. the language in the session was german.

thanks again to daniel from daniel 🙂

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