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IT Joke and Truth #1

Today i found a absolut crazy article in the net. so i decided to create my first “IT Joke and Truth” series.

ASCAP Wants To Be Paid When Your Phone Rings

ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) like to get money also for sold ringtones, cause if your phone is ringing it is a public concert!!!!! how cool is that i prefer more about concerts with a good pa and real persons. are they crazy? a ringing phone is a concert? i think about watching a dvd on my iphone or notebook, yeaaaahhh i am a cinema 🙂

the next generation is not like in woodstock having fun drinking and dancing and listening to the music, (no no no (!!!)) the next generation is sitting in a small room, listening to a small stupid speaker the newest sound and telling us, WHAT A GREAT CONCERT!!!

more details can be found here: ASCAP Wants To Be Paid When Your Phone Rings

You can find also the offical document ASCAP againts AT&T here.

found on Eff.Org

regards with LOL

daniel magin

Think LOL

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Update Delphi and get RadStudio 2009

Time is running, did you know Embarcadero is offering a great deal?

You update your existing Delphi 2007,2006,… Version to Delphi 2009 and Embarcadero is updateing your update for free to a RadStudio 2009 Version. So you get not only Delphi! RadStudio includes also Delphi Prism (The .net Dev Tool) and C++Builder and much more stuff.

This offer is finished at 26. Juni, so time is running.

Click here for more details


daniel magin

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