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Running Windows on the Mac with Parallels and Screen Refresh/Flickering Problem

Next Delphi Version will create also Mac Applications. If you buy a new computer like a mac and run windows 7 on parallels (Version 6) you can go sometimes really crazy. In the last update i got a problem the delphi menu and speedbutton bar are flickering every minute. the cursor jump from the source code window to the object inspector.

i was really frustrating to work with this constellation. after analyzing it was not delphi and not aero ore something else. it is the timesync between parallels and mac osx. if you have this problem switch of automatic time sync.

Virtual Machine-> Configure-> Options-> Advanced-> Time: uncheck “Synchronize with Mac”

after this step all run fine.

regards daniel


March 17, 2011 Posted by | Embarcadero (CodeGear) stuff, Mac - Apple | 2 Comments